18 December, 2010


Quick re-cap for those of you just getting up to speed.  Kasie took Robert to the Pediatrician on Thursday, because we were concerned with his color and increasing sleepiness.  After an in office blood test we were immediately sent to Children's Hospital of Atlanta- where the diagnosis was confirmed as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  This is how he looked when we brought him in-

As you can see from the photo with the page title which was taken Friday afternoon, he looks much better now.

This morning finds him doing well, but with a dose of our new reality added.  Robert woke up a bit swollen from all of the IV fluids, and his body has pin head sized speckles called Petechiae, which is caused by bleeding under the skin.  his body's offending white blood cells are swelling in his bone marrow, causing him pain in his legs.  For the fist time he has a low grade fever, from the ever increasing WBC count.  Yesterday a batch of fresh blood gave us the Robert we are all used too.  But today he seems a little sick and uncomfortable.  He cries occasionally from the pain in his legs, which are currently packed in hot packs,  but some morphine is on the way to help out.  Thankfully its not enough to disrupt his one man gaming marathon on his Nintendo DS that Santa saw fit to drop off a bit early.