19 December, 2010

Sunday PM

We had a pretty relaxing day today, enjoying some visitors and having a bit of fun.  For a short while we were even able to forget about worrying over tomorrow's procedures.   A volunteer came in and played a few games with Robert, while Kasie and I got to spend twenty minutes on frivolous luxuries such as showering and brushing our teeth.  He was reluctant to put down his video game long enough to play some sort of board game, but decided his new opponent to be worthy of a title shot at his connect 4 world championship title (he cheats).  Kasie, Robert and I even got out of the room for a bit down to the Aflac Pediatric Cancer Unit game room.  Trying to steer ourselves towards the non-electronic entertainment options, we maliciously mocked each other in the purest of art mediums, the potato head.  It wasn't long before we could no longer ignore the shrine to video game bliss located in the corner.  We soon found ourselves engaged in a heated
Wii bowling tournament, of which Kasie won (she cheats too). 

Tomorrow's a big day.  A surgical procedure to install a central line (port-a-cath), a bone marrow test, a spinal tap, and the first round of chemotherapy.  It will be a rough day for our little man, and we may not be easily reached.  I will update again Monday evening.