23 December, 2010

Thursday PM..I think....Lets say Thursday-ish

Robert finished today's chemo treatment by lunch, and it went perfectly.  For this round, the star of his toxic cocktail was Pegaparese.  This is the first and last time that he will receive this particular drug during this phase.  So far it has not been as rough on him as his primary treatment med of Vincristine, but we'll reserve celebration until we see what tomorrow brings.  He seems to get sicker the day after treatment.  His blood pressure was great throughout the night, and this morning.  The long term bp medicine seems to have taken effect.  If this trend continues we may be able to take him home tomorrow, and reunite our family for Christmas.  Below is a photo of Robert with Ms. Roz.  She is one of the Child Life Specialists here at Egleston.  Here she is explaining all about chemotherapy, and its effects using a character called Captain Chemo. 

There will be some restrictions regarding visitors for the the first few weeks.  Robert will soon have little to no immune system, and we will have to take some extra precautions.  We'll get some details posted here when we figure them out. Be sure to check with Kasie before visiting.  We would hate to turn anyone around at the door, but we may have to at first. 

On the subject of help, we've had some very kind offers.  To be honest, we don't know what we need right now.  One long term thing that I know we could use, for those of you who live close, is a contact list of people who may be able to watch Ben and/or Allie on short notice. Life will start with Monday trips to Atlanta for Chemotherapy, with a mixed bag of tests and procedures mixed in. Most should be day trips only, but any of them could turn into an overnight.  Also any fever, virus, bad blood count, or case of the skittles will result in a hospital trip for Robert. 

We are very excited at the prospect of going home.  However Robert and I have become institutionalized, and were not sure we can make it on the outside. 

We are thankful for all of you who care.