21 December, 2010

Tuesday PM

The day was off to a great start but culminated with a rough afternoon and evening.  Day Chemo +1 resulted in a sick little boy.  He handled getting sick fine, but had a few major headaches today that seamed to just torture him.

Robert and I talked a lot today.  I really enjoy having conversations with him, frequently surprised by what he knows. We hit all of the important topics...oh you know...the standard stuff...Camping, Canoeing, Robot Wars, Transformers etc.  However, my son asked me a question tonight that broke my heart.  The hardest question that I could imagine ever hearing formed by his sweet voice. I managed to answer and comfort him, but it challenged me to my core.  I'm supposed to hold him up with my strength, but I am embarrassed to say that it is the other way around.  He truly is Robert The Great.