22 December, 2010

Wednesday PM

Last night was rough, and another rough patch this morning.  However he has been comfortable since noon, and is now resting peacefully. He hadn't eaten since yesterday morning, so Kasie and I were relieved when he made it most way through a happy meal tonight.  I pray that he has a restful night.

Wednesday Early AM

My friends, we saw a glimpse of the monster last night.  He's a vile, disgusting creature, evil to the core.  He spent the evening watching Robert, circling, studying, waiting, sizing him as easy pray.  When he finally bared his teeth and narrowed his evil eyes on my son, he was met with a surprise.  As he began to clamp his stinking, watering, mouth on his prize, he was surprised to find the hands of a 6 yr. old around his throat.  So will be the fate of this beast.  He'll come back, but Robert will be waiting.

Blood pressure is the problem right now.  It escalates to the point that it causes Robert to writhe in pain from severe headaches.  He suffers with these for a couple hours until he gets sick.  This provides some sort of relief, as he then falls asleep for an hour or so, until the pain of a new headache wakes him.  This has been the cycle last evening and throughout the night/ early am.  About an hour ago they gave him a medicine that is supposed to quickly drop the blood pressure.  He seems to be resting now.  They attribute the high BP to the steroids that accompany the chemotherapy.  They will probably add a longer term bp medicine to his daily meds.