27 December, 2010

12/27 Monday PM

We are back home from chemotherapy happy to have not had to spend the night. As we expected, Robert had to get a platelet transfusion.  When we first got to the clinic they pricked his finger to get a small blood sample.  The tiny hole made from the lance (same as folks use for diabetes) bled terribly and wouldn't stop.  So, a platelet transfusion preempted the other procedures. It seems that he will basically be constantly in a stage of Thrombocytopenia (low plat. count) for quite a while, but they will only transfuse when the platelet counts hit rock bottom.  They accessed his internal central line port without incident, and without pain thanks to a numbing cream that they gave us to apply at home prior to leaving out.  His spinal tap went without incident, as did the chemo push.  For the first time today, Robert looked like a sick little boy.  With his shirt of you can see the bruising all over his arms, battle worn from his 9 days in the hospital being poked and prodded.  He is looking thin, and is tired a lot. We're waiting to see if he will be sick tomorrow, like after his last treatment.  Robert seems to have grown up a bit over the last 2 weeks.  He is still my sweet little buddy, but in the way he talks, there's more substance now.  I think he may have had a bit of innocence stolen from him, and replaced with his first harsh life experience.  I don't know, I'm having a hard time explaining it.  But all in all he's happy and comfortable, and we are grateful for that.  I must say that the doctors and nurses genuinely care, and it shows in the way he is treated

12/27 AM

This morning we are headed back to the hospital for chemo.  And today his treatment returns to the Vincristine, the uglier of his chemotherapy drugs in this phase.  I wonder if he will experience the same levels of sickness and discomfort as he did after his previous dose.  We have a 50/50 shot of spending the night in the hospital.  I know Roberts platelets are low, so I expect a transfusion,  and he is also set for another spinal tap today.  I will update again when this is all over.