31 January, 2011

1/31/11 Home from Clinic

Robert and I fared well on our own today.  I even managed to return 50% of Kasie's calls and texts, no small feat if you understand the numbers involved.  I believe that AT&T surely had to task  us  our own Satellite for the day. National security may have had to suffer, by my wife knew up to the minute what was going on with her boy.

The Chemo itself went without event, as did the lumbar puncture (spinal tap).  We do however have one interesting development.  It appears that Robert has contracted a virus that is giving him a hard time.  Nothing that is terribly serious, but cause enough for concern.  He presents as having a bad cold, with a hacking cough.  With most kids, you'd suffer through it and wait it out, slowly improving.  But with an impaired immune system, that is on a downward trend, it's a bigger deal.  Fortunately Robert's counts have not yet hit Nadir.  Though his numbers are dropping, and will likely bottom out this week, they are hanging on a few days longer than expected.  Hopefully the benefit of these few extra days with some white blood cell function will help get him through this.  We are monitoring his temperature and obvious lung function.  An unfavorable development of either will result in a hospital trip.  To enlighten you on the odds of this, I'll share with you what an Oncology Nurse told me today.  When leaving the clinic for the day I told the Nurse "see you next week", she relied "Oh I'm pretty sure I'll see you boys earlier than that.".

All that aside, Robert is happy, comfortable, and laughing a lot.  He appears to be no more than a tired little boy with a bad cold, most would be none the wiser. My Son has an amazing spirit and a sharp mind.  Two attributes that are not easily bested by anyone or anything.  To hell with Cancer.