02 February, 2011

2/2/11 Fever Pitch

The doctors are trying to determine the cause of Robert's high fevers.  The purpose is to ensure that there is not an unattended infection that his body is unable to fight on it's own.  One of the chemo treatments that we give him at home, has a common side effect of a fever.  However, we just cant write that off as the cause.  Every fever event must be evaluated, to determine it's source.  And since he also has a hacking cough and some fluid in his lungs, it makes it even more difficult to casually attribute his temps to the meds.  As they spend a day running tests on his cultures and labs we have the go ahead to stay home, fever or not.  The course of antibiotics that was given him in the ER last night was about all that they could do for now, so we will wait it out. His temp has returned back to normal in the last couple hours, but its almost time for this same questionable injection again.  Will it start all over?  Hopefully through a process of elimination we can determine that these chemo injections are causing the spikes, and breath a little easier.