14 April, 2011

Fun Day

Robert has not had a fever since our Tuesday night ER trip.  He managed to stay fever free for 24 hours and his counts were still up, so he was able to spend a few hours at school today!  Everything went well, if it stays that way through the night he will take the bus in the morning (his request) for a full day of school.  Of course Kasie will be on standby to pick him up if things go awry.  He had a great time today, and is very excited about tomorrow.  It is a shame that we have to spend next week in the hospital.  I intend to take advantage of every single opportunity to send him, as long as his counts, and comfort permit.  He was not expected to return at all prior to the end of the year.  He gets lonely (his words) when his ANC is so low that he is not allowed to see anyone.  But in that circumstance we just have no choice, we have to protect him.  These higher numbers are a blessing, and a welcome break. If we can get a day in here and there, what a difference that will make for him.  I am anxious to see how the next high dose chemo will effect him, and if this favorable situation will continue or pass.

Notice the celebratory elbow thrusts as he nears his seat next to one of his buddies.