05 November, 2011

5 November

Since last month Roberts counts seem to have leveled out. He has had to miss very little school, and we've enjoyed a fairly normal fall. He seems to have been getting ill a little more this round, but it doesn't seem to bother him much. Kind of an eerie/ nostalgic feeling as we remember doing the same fall activities last year, right before everything changed in our life. However this usually tapers to a sense of relief, of how much better life has been the past few months.

Robert returns to chemo clinic in two weeks. He gets it in pill form every day at home, but the heavy doses continue to be administered at the Hospital.

The motor gave out on Kasie's van. Although a struggle, it's almost humorous. As the first non- medical "crises" we've had in a while, we just find ourselves completely disinterested in being overly bothered by it. We're now blessed with an almost flippant perspective and brush it off as a comparatively simple life obstacle.

Robert's hair has grown back, which thankfully means mine has as well. The general public can now be spared from my bald, lumpy head. As boys do, he has now become friends with the boy who teased him, calling him baldy earlier this year.

Life is challenging but good,
Drive on (except you Kasie)