12 January, 2011

1/12 PM

Things are going well.  Robert is tired all of the time, its hard to get him to do much of anything.  I get him outside for some fresh air on the rare occasion, but he's generally disinterested.  Right now the most prevalent issue is his swelling from the steroids.  You can't see it very well in the photo below, but he doesn't look like himself.  His stomach is so greatly distended that some of his shirts won't even cover it. On the condition his bathroom trips remain frequent, the doctors showed no concern over this and say it's acceptable.  However, it is hard to see him like this in this condition.  Another two weeks of the steroid and this should begin to subside.  It's selfish really, he is comfortable and happy and for that I am grateful.  Its just that last week we could occasionally forget that there was anything wrong with him, and that's just not possible right now.

1/12 AM-2

I think if given the choice, Ben would live outside with the dogs.

1/12 AM

Our recent source of entertainment. That's solid ice.