07 July, 2011

Hanging In

We had a break from chemo this week, but not from side effects.  Robert has been having some pretty severe pain in his legs, which  is caused from the vincristine.  He is also dealing with the results of being back on steroids.  He has swollen back up to about twice his normal size, and he has sever mood swings.  He switches between complete anger and frustration, extreme emotion professions of love and affection, and generally pleasant form laden with about 100 words a minute of non stop talking. 

We've managed to avoid the emergency room for a couple weeks which definitely eases the stress.  Lately Robert's ANC has been extremely low, so if we have to go back we will likely have to stay for a few days.

Another month of this current stage, and then we begin long term maintenance.  Chemo will be a part of his life for at least another 3 years, but from what I understand maintenance will allow a more normal life.  Treatments will initially lessen to once every 2 weeks, then eventually only once a month. Of course there will still be issues in between, but what a difference.    It is expected that Robert will be able to start and attend school more normally this year.  He will have to miss clinic days, and any days with low ANC, but he should be able to regularly attend and enjoy being with his friends.