30 August, 2011

Kasie with Allie, Robert and Ben (and two other kids) with the Governor and First Lady of Ga. 

A Milestone

     Since returning from our 16 day admission, we've managed to stay home.  We were rather surprised when Robert's counts were too low for chemo last Monday.  They finally started to creep up this week, so we were able to proceed with our scheduled clinic visit yesterday.  However, this wasn't just the average clinic trip, this was the official start of long term maintenance. What does this mean?  The primary difference is that most of his chemo over the next 3 years  will be in a much lighter dose, and will be given in pill form from home.  We should only have to go to clinic one a month!  In between clinics, we will stop by our local pediatrician's office for a counts check.  Once a month...that's hard to even imagine.

   In the bigger picture, this means that his immunity will be able to stay higher longer, which means a more normal life.  We will certainly still have our spells.  When he gets a virus, his counts will drop and he'll be down for the count for a while.  If hes sick from his clinic visits, he may need to miss a day or two.  But nonetheless, this is a new beginning for us.  To celebrate we went out to dinner, the first time that we were all able to go out to dinner in 9 months.  Chemo still stinks, but tempered with bouts of normalcy, it just may be a bit more tolerable.