20 November, 2013

Home again

We've made it back home, but we have to keep him isolated until we can check labs at the end of the week.

19 November, 2013


Counts are up a bit today, but still so low that he is neutropenic. Nonetheless they may turn us loose tonight which surprises me. 

Don't get me wrong I'm happy to get him home, but it was confirmed today, that it was only rhinovirus (common cold virus) that put him in here. And his immune system is only barely stronger now than it was then.
That being said, the fever is gone and IV antibiotics won't help againt RV.  The counts are low but trending up. If all we can do is wait, I'm happy to not do it here. Hopefully it won't result in a quick return.

18 November, 2013

Back again


After just being in the ER, Robert had to head back on Sunday evening with a fever of 103. 

They increased his chemo last week, which dropped his counts pretty severely. He picked up an everyday virus somewhere and he just couldnt fight it properly, so here we are.  The fever is under control now, but they're keeping him on IV meds and isolation since his counts are bottomed out.

16 November, 2013

Hospital Trip

Robert was in the hospital Friday night.  He has been having recurring nose bleeds for a couple months, increasing in frequency and severity.  Now they are often accompanied by large blood clots.  The pulmonologist has referred us to a ENT doctor, but after a couple days of bad bleeding we hit Children's ER last night.  The on-call ENT scoped the nasal passages and saw mass irritation, but nothing particular that could be cauterized or "fixed".  That being said, they also confirmed that there is no cause for immediate concern. So we are going to follow up and keep working on a solution.  It's looking like the cause could likely just be a cumulative result of 3 years+ of daily chemotherapy.