12 April, 2014

A welcome respite

Robert made it home yesterday afternoon. And the good news is that it was decided to not re-admit on Monday, but to postpone one week allowing his body to recover.  Barring any emergencies this will give us all almost 10 days together.  He is feeling fair but excited to be back home  His hair is coming out pretty fast now, so I'm going to tighten it up with a close haircut tonight.  He skin is extremely pale and looks paper thin. Though I must say it doesn't look that way in the photo below...maybe the camera.   His Chest and the insides of his arms are still heavy with deep purple bruises.  He is pretty weak needing to mostly sit, but is in really good spirits and happy to be home. Ben and Allie are excited to have their brother back home, and certainly glad that Mom is back home to do things the "normal way"...not Dad's way.  The kids are playing, and were doing some work outside and around the house.  Switching between enjoying the beautiful weather in the shade out on the porch.  It's a great weekend.