26 December, 2010

12/26 Late AM

"Its Twitsmas"..At least that is what Ben told me in his morning point blank whispers, one of my favorite ways to wake up.  I barely rolled over because I have recently conditioned myself into keeping my over-sized frame precariously perched on an under-sized vinyl hospital couch.  I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I was at home, with my youngest son's eyes beaming, the result of just walking past a Christmas Tree loaded for bearTo be honest this sort of Rockwell-esque sensory euphoria was harshly interrupted with panic, as I remembered everything.  I seem to have developed this terrible morbid theater in my head, that without much provocation depicts scenes that should never be seen.  I barely got out the words "where's Ro..."  when I realized that Kasie was already slinging her robe around her shoulder and halfway down the hall to find out.  He was fine, peacefully asleep.  I'm just as sure that this sort of overreaction will subside, as I am that it won't be anytime soon.

With this relief and the joy of being home, our 2010 Christmas began.  Along with  the fruits of Kasie's shopping trip last week, was a cache of gifts sent by concerned friends...Thank you.   The flurry of wrapping paper and the sound of Ben's sweetly misspoken treasures proved to be quite a treat for us.  Grandma Ginny is with us, a held over hostage from her help this past week.  Robert seemed fairly tired, and got sick once, but came around and is having a fun day.  He and Ben have apparently agreed to a cease fire in their ongoing turf war.   It is a great day here.  Kasie has a ham in the oven, the boys are having fun, there is 2" of snow in N. Ga, and blood pressures are good.  Could I dare ask for more?

Fun, rest, and comfort are the plans for today...Chemo tomorrow.  The Hart's are having a good day, comforted by familiarity.  I will post some photos this evening.  Got to go, it sounds like cease fire negotiations have deteriorated.