03 January, 2011


Another successful chemo clinic today-  And by successful I mean that his blood counts were in the expected ranges, nothing went wrong, and they let us come home.  Pretty simple clinic today medically speaking, however a little drawn out with the other aspects.  We met with a woman who assists with getting schools ready to fulfill their obligations.  We also met with a woman who assists with getting us ready to fulfill our financial obligations.  And then we met with a counselor, who checked on our mental well being, but really just seemed to be gauging if we were beating on each other in the process of coping with all of the above.  My wife insinuates that I was less than cooperative with the latter of the three, but I find that hard to believe.    

I find my comfort with this situation in facts and information.  I read books on Hematology and Blood Cancers, track his blood counts, trend the numbers, and immerse myself in any good non-human source I can find.  Kasie seems to find more comfort in talking with people, or reading and hearing the accounts whom have gone this way before.  The many folks involved in this process who are trained in different aspects of counseling work great with Robert and Kasie. However I just find myself closing off from it,  I'm not sure why.  In the picture below, one of the Child Life Technicians are working to distract Robert while a nurse pierces his skin to access his port-a-cath.  I cant say enough about how great they are with him.