09 January, 2011

1/9/11 PM

As the weekend is winding down, we are gearing up for chemotherapy day tomorrow.  We have a very early appointment, and will have to leave extra early due to the weather forecast.  They are predicting snow and ice in Ga, so surely complete and utter mayhem will ensue.  85 will likely be illuminated by police lights and the incessant blinking of hazard flashers all along the ditches.  There will undoubtedly be some sort of double super winter apocalypse warning issued by the local news, as they beat the issue like a drum for the next 24 hrs.  As we speak, grocery stores are jamb packed with folks hurrying to get their extra rations of milk and bread to help weather the impending doom.  The usual requisite pleasantries cast aside for a veritable Kroger cage match. What in the world do they do with all of that bread and milk anyway?  If you were truly fearful for your ability to leave the house and do battle with this evil yankee blight, would you not prefer sundries of a more sustentative value?   The schools here in Hall county are already closed for tomorrow, on the mere expectation of snowfall.   What I would have given for this line of thought while growing up Southwest of Pittsburgh.

All kidding aside, tomorrow's clinic schedule has no additional procedures.  So if all is well, it should be our quickest treatment yet.  Robert doesn't quite look like himself right now.  His cheeks are so swollen/bloated that they are making his eyes squint a little.  The severity of his distended stomach alarms me.   We were told to expect a certain amount of this, and have even previously experienced it while in the hospital, but certainly not to this degree. Also his skin is almost translucent, you can see his veins in many parts of his body.  I'm glad we have clinic tomorrow,  that he can get a good once over.  Had we not, I would have likely hauled him in anyway.  More tomorrow after clinic.