18 January, 2011


Our clinic visit went well today, but we are now in a holding pattern.  Today was the last scheduled treatment of the induction phase.  A spinal tap and a bone marrow aspirate was taken to determine how Robert's body has reacted to treatment, and to assign him to the appropriate risk category.  If the results return favorable, we will move on to the consolidation phase of treatment.  That would consist of a new chemo medicine, and possibly less trips to the hospital.  If the results are not as we hope, then we will basically start over again.  His blood labs looked great today.  He is producing platelets and healthy white blood cells for sure.  This good news provides a momentum of hope, preparing us to hear only the best regarding the test results.

One of the improved lab results was a high ANC (see earlier post).  This indicates that his immune system is strengthening for the moment.  This is the first time that his ANC has trended up since the beginning, and it's a welcome site.  Now it will yo-yo up and down, dictating Robert's rules for exposure to others.

He is done with a month long cycle of steroids, which has caused Robert to swell to about 3 times his normal size, I am glad to see them go.  A little less hair everyday, and some sore bones, but he's hanging in there.  He is complaining of a bad headache tonight, which is a side effect of the spinal procedure.  After dinner some pain meds will help ease this and coax him to sleep.