15 February, 2011

2/15/11 Be My Valentine

Chemo clinic had a little drama yesterday, but ended well.  What was intended to be one of the quicker visits, turned into most of the day.  Robert has been quite sick all week, which led the doctor's to running enzyme and pancreatic tests to ensure everything is as it should be.  It seems that it is, this is just normal chemo side effect sickness, but if it continues they will check again.   The next installment of terror came when Robert cried with pain as they injected chemotherapy into his port.  The port ties directly into the superior vena cava above the heart, allowing meds to enter the blood stream directly.  Some medicines like Vincristine (chemo) are  vesicants, which mean that they can cause excessive tissue damage if they escape from the vein.  Due to Robert's reaction to the Vincristine push, which he has had no trouble with before, it was decided that the port should be checked.  So down to the Radiology/ Fluoroscopy lab we went.  The injected a die similar to MRI contrast die into his port,as we observed everything on a real time xray (fluoroscope).  Although everything looked wrong to my "expert eye", the doctors assured me that everything looked normal, and no problems were found.  I must have pointed and asked to many questions. I know my son is at one of the best pediatric blood cancer hospitals in the country, but they're still gonna have to deal with me.  They may be good at looking at pictures, but lets see em' dovetail a drawer or cope crown molding.

The painful reaction to the meds will remain a mystery, under the guise of "lets see if it happens again next week."

I hope that everyone had a happy valentines day.  Below is Robert's Valentine box that he and his Mom made.  Of course he wanted a robot. They wrote valentines for all of his classmates, and made this over the weekend.  Kasie carried them to the school in the morning while we were in Atlanta, so that he could still participate in the goings on.