15 March, 2011

A new phase

We were able to get outside and soak up a bit of sunshine this weekend.
We were happy to have a simple clinic visit come and go yesterday.  A welcome experience in contrast to last weeks dramatic episode.  However starting next week, we will begin a new phase of treatment.  This new phase will consist of four hospital admissions of 3 days each.  The reason behind the admission is that he will be given an extremely high dose of Methotrexate (chemo) that will require a couple days of close monitoring after.  These admissions SHOULD occur every other week.  The wrench in the planning works is that his beginning this treatment is blood count dependent.   So we will arrange for help with Ben and Allie, pack a bag and head to Atlanta Monday morning not really knowing if we will begin treatment, or be sent home to wait another week.  This presents a logistical nightmare when it comes to trying to schedule my work.  Right now I have built a schedule to fit in between each scheduled admission, but if we get delayed that will all have to change.

The silver lining is that after this phase maybe...just maybe things will ease up a bit.