17 March, 2011

Waiting it out

They are just pushing antibiotics and watching the fevers.  If the fevers stay down and his ANC would happen to rise as well, we could go home.  This is a very unlikely scenario, and we'll be more likely to spend the weekend at least.  As the results from cultures return tomorrow we may know a bit more, at least as far as to rule out some of the negative possibilities.  This is not an uncommon occurrence when these kid's bodies get pushed this far.  We just have to wait it out, watching for the rebound.


The fevers are back. We will probably not be going home this weekend. Hopefully culture results will not show evidence of anything viral.


Robert is going to be admitted. His fever is subsiding, but his counts are too low to allow him to be released. More to follow.

Hospital Trip

A high fever sent us to Atlanta. I will update as soon as we know anything. We may be headed home in a few hours, or low numbers may just keep us here until Monday's scheduled treatment.