17 April, 2011

Packing up

Since my last post, Robert made another run at a school day on Friday.  He rode the bus in the morning, and was very excited to spend a whole day.  However he didn't last very long before getting sick at school.   I won't go into specifics, but he hid the fact that he got sick, and instead said he was too tired.  He felt decent enough afterwards, but was afraid that it would happen in front of his friends in class and wanted to come home.  We've had a pleasant weekend since, and even were all able to attend church today.  There was a bit of parking lot drama that lead to him deciding no to go to his kids church, but rather to sit with us.  I would not let him wear a hat in church, but he was afraid that without it the kids would make fun of his hair.  So he skipped the kids church and sat with us.  It all worked out well, and he said he liked it in "grown up church". 

Tomorrow we are back to the hospital for the week for more high dose Methotrexate.  I am anxious to see if the second cycle will enhance the side effects. 

I have come to understand that there were a couple of events in Robert's and my family's honor Friday night.  I want to make it clear that I am not asking of anyone these sorts of things.  Anything like this that goes on is unsolicited, of someones own design, out of their own concern and kindness.  It's a difficult position to be the center of attention and the recipient of others labors.  You find yourself trying to define the limits of your pride.  The advice that I was given, and the method that I try to employ is to keep it simple, don't over think it, and just say thank you. That being said I continue to be humbled by the support and friendship of our friends and community.  I'm not going to get into individual thank yous on here.  That just feels like a bad idea to me.  But I will say thanks to all of you.  From the smallest tokens of friendship over the past 5 months, to the kindess of my neighbors, to elaborate functions like Friday and everything in between,  we appreciate you.