19 May, 2011

New Day

Thing are better here, and Robert is comfortable. We should be released around 10:30 tonight.

Bit of a scare

It's about 3:30, and we are settling down from a tense ordeal. The needle that inserts into the port in Robert's chest somehow dislodged while he was sleeping. It came out of the port-a-cath, but not out of his chest. This allowed the sodium bicarb to continue to enter between the skin and the muscle, causing a large lump about 3/4 the size of a baseball. The good news is that it was just sodium bicarb. Had it been MTX or a vesicant it would have been dangerous. The risk in our situation was with the port itself. When the port-a-cath is regularly de-accessed, heparin is injected to prevent clotting. With the needled having been pulled loose without the heparin, and the port sitting for who knows how long while we slept, there was potential to get a clot in the port line. Compounding the issue was the fact that with his port area being so distended, it would be extremely difficult get it accessed again. There was a lot of tears and screams, a lot of fishing around withe the needle, but all is well as the port is accessed again. It flushed freely and had good blood return, indicating proper function. The sodium bicarb is again running to flush his system, get his toxicity levels lowered, and get us the hell out if here.