09 July, 2011

Ferrum Friends?

I’ve previously mentioned the new perspective on just about everything this situation has given me.  My views on friendship have not been excluded from this.

Clearly in an effort to signify its value, friendship is commonly made akin to gold and valuable items.  “make new friends but keep the old, one is silver the other is gold” for example.  Though the premise is laudable, I just don’t see it that way. 

Surely old friends are a valuable asset to anyone’s life.  But there have been people that I have only newly met, who have gone above and beyond for my family.  The way I now see it, a friendship is better defined by its actions than by its age alone.  Many friendships are formed from convenience, gilded and polished on the surface, but without true structure underneath. You may have a friendship that to all appearances and senses is perfect, but collapses under the weight of reality when truly tried. That being said, I do not need, nor am I capable of being the perfect friend.  I won’t remember your birthday or anniversary, nor will I try.  However, when you need a confidante, partner in crime, or strong back, I’m there.  New or old, I am of the opinion that the strongest friendships come from those who have labored together through difficult times. 

Forget gold. Those friendships forged in the fires of adversity yield steel and iron, something from which a true support structure can be built.

To my friends of iron and steel who have done so much to support us, I appreciate you.   I offer the same to you in return always, just don’t mind the rust.