04 September, 2012

The end of summer

All seems to have been going well over the past couple months.  Robert's ANC keeps rising, which sounds like a good thing, but its cause for more chemo adjustment.  Its a little frustrating that at this point they seem to be constantly having to tweak the protocol. 

People frequently ask me about his progress.  It's difficult that there is so little to say, no tangible benchmark of success.  You can only comment about the current ease or difficulty of the experience.  With blood cancer there is no tumor to measure, no mass to keep an eye on, all you have is the protocol.  You ride the protocol to the end, and THEN you watch.  Praying that the cancer doesn't come back.  Now that we're halfway through this, I'm starting to think about what that's going to be like.

Robert has been granted a trip to Disney by from the Make-A-Wish program.  We are supposed to leave soon, but that is now up in the air as he has broken his foot.  A doctor visit this week will determine if the trip will have to be postponed.