24 June, 2013

Summer is off to a good start.

Robert Checking in at Camp Sunshine yesterday.
(complete with his requisite mohawk)
We are certainly gathering no moss, as things have been going a lot better the past couple months.  Robert has some pretty bad chest congestion that keeps him coughing all of the time, but we haven't been to the emergency Room since April...I think.

He's been pretty active so far this summer.  We went to Jakes day, sponsored by the NWTF, which had all sort of fun shooting and outdoor activities for the family.

Robert was also able to participate in an amazing event called Rides To Remember.  People from all over the Atlanta area brought there rare and supercars to a private speedway.  The owners just stood by their cars and the kids were able to go for 3 laps around the racetrack in any 2 cars of their choosing! Here he is in his first ride, a Lamborghini Superleggera.

He spent the following week at Camp Rap-A-Hope in Mobile Alabama.  It is a camp for Cancer Kids very similar to our Camp Sunshine.  A friend of our who used to work in Children's of Atlanta is now the Associate Director there, and arranged for Robert to come.  He had a blast...Thanks so much Roz!

Now he's off having fun without us, at what is probably his favorite week of the year.  It's tough to let him go, but the Doctors and Nurses from CHOA take good care of them while they graciously donate their time.  He's having so much fun he probably doesn't even miss us, well hopefully maybe just a little.