31 January, 2014

The call finally came

Test results confirmed that this weeks lumbar puncture contained Leukemia cells, Robert has relapsed. They were very few but there should be none.  He will finish his current treatment plan, then begin a new 2 year protocol including Chemotherapy and Radiation.  

We'll be back in the hospital for more tests next week, I'll know more specifics then. More to follow.

30 January, 2014

No News

The ice storm in Atlanta had apparently shut down the clinic labs the last couple days, so our wait for some news will continue a bit longer.

To be perfectly honest Robert and I really don't have time for such nonsense right now anyway, we have to get our pinewood derby cars finished.

28 January, 2014

Please Not a Relapse

Yesterday we received some news from Robert's last Lumbar Puncture (spinal tap).  Analysis confirmed that there was a trace cellular presence in the spinal cord, there should be none.  Leukemia cells can migrate to the organs and central nervous systems causing other cancers.  Robert has had regular LPs with favorable results, but this one caused some concern.  The good news is that the cell count was not great enough to clearly claim a relapse, but the fact that they were present at all is alarming.  Docs performed another LP yesterday, and we are awaiting the results.  If the spinal fluid is "clear" then we will continue with his current protocol and regular LPs to monitor.  Robert has been in this this daily chemotherapy nightmare for over 3 years, scheduled to wrap up this summer. If however the results do confirm a relapse, then he will have to start a new protocol afterwards. This time with the addition of radiation to the chemotherapy.  But let's not jump the gun, we are not to that point yet. Off the record the doctor rated it a 50-50 chance either way. I will admit that all I can seem to think about is the day when they told me that they were changing his classification to "high risk", meaning of relapse.  But we've heard enough good news/ bad news, chances are good/ chances are bad bull*#!t, that we really only pay attention to the facts.  So we'll just wait for the facts, make our decisions, ruck up and drive on.

On a good note Robert's breathing is much improved.  The confirmation of his diagnosis of Plastic Bronchitis has had to be put on hold, but all involved on that side of the city are confident that's the issue.  His counts had been dropping severely low recently causing him to miss school and activities.  In addition to his ANC, his platelets have been dropping.  Combined these make the bronchoscopies a bit risky.  Diagnosis aside the treatments of the condition are working well.  The machine that shakes his chest and the breathing medicines have resulted in a complete turn around in his lungs.

The machine shakes him fairly violently, I do have some concern that its causing some brain damage.  Because he is suffering from some seriously questionable decision making as of late...that's a joke son.