07 April, 2014

Monday 4/7, a few results

Today's Flouroscope did not show the cause for the problems in the portacath, nonetheless it is still not functioning properly.  Robert will have surgery tomorrow to have the malfunctioning unit removed from his chest.  Unfortunately they cannot put the new one in at the same time as they normally would until his infection clears.  This means that he will have to get a picc line installed to use until he is cleared for another surgery to install the new portacath.

He is otherwise doing well with the antibiotics and being off of the chemo.  He would have likely been able to come home tomorrow and stay for the rest of the week.  But now with the surgery added, he will have to stay through Friday at least, and is scheduled for readmission on Monday.  So we'll be lucky to be all home together for the the weekend at very best.