20 February, 2017

Hello all. I'm not sure if anyone sees this, but if you do then you may know that I don't post here (or anywhere) anymore, heck you might even care. For the record,  I had decided to stop sharing due to personal / privacy issues that arose.

Robert found himself in the national news again today, it's been a while since that has happened as we generally lay low. A few of the reports linked back here to the old blog, so I felt compelled to have something here.  For those so inclined, my wife posts occasional updates on a Facebook page intended just for this purpose, and she is far more tolerable. 

The page is https://www.facebook.com/Rathat04 

It is still called the Robert the Great Facebook page, but apparently you cant search for Robert the Great or you may find yourself on the page of a magician, or a juggling  cat or some bloody thing. Don't ask me, I'm still not on the Facebook as I think those of you who are, are all nuts.

Here is a video related to the news story.  A sincere thanks to all of those involved.
My boy had a fun day and a once in a lifetime experience. It was certainly nice to see him up out of that chair moving around.  With the latest relapse and not being able to repair his bones any time soon, we've just decided to let go of the concern regarding the bone damage for right now.  So he is getting used to moving around some again, while he can.

We are constantly grateful to everyone who has helped us throughout the years. I appreciate the continuing kindness and well wishes for my son and my family. We hear the wolfpack howling but we are managing to keep making camp a days ride ahead. That's all you can do...ruck up and keep going.

Not quite 7 years and we've all changed, some for the better and some less favorable results. Kasie is of course still perfect while I seem to be suffering from early onset curmudgeonry.

Alright, that's enough of this.  Now get off my porch.